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Pet Diagnostics in Shrewsbury, NJ We offer a multitude of pet diagnostic options here at Happy Tails Veterinary Hospital. We work with Antech, Idexx, and University Laboratories to offer the most precise diagnostics and specialized testing for your pet.

For those times when immediate results are needed, our in-house blood machine provides Complete Blood Count chemistry panels and thyroid (T4) within a half hour. We also have in house diagnostics for heartworm and various diseases such as FELV/FIV (feline leukemia virus, feline immunodeficiency virus) and tick-borne diseases. We can also examine fecal and urine samples.

Our on-site, crystal clear Cuattro digital X-ray machine can be used to diagnose abnormalities such as soft tissue anomalies, cardiac disease, pneumonia, bladders stones, and more. Those studies can be forwarded to radiograph specialists if needed.

We also offer fast scan ultrasound pet diagnostics and have a contract with an ultrasonographer to visit our hospital for more complex cases.