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Ongoing wellness exams are the best way to maintain your dog and cat’s health and strive for a long, happy life! For this reason the Happy Tails Veterinary Hospital team recommends that each of our patients come in for a complete wellness exam at least once a year. During this visit we examine your pet from nose to tail and everything in between. Depending on our initial findings, we may recommend additional diagnostics, administer necessary pet vaccinations, and converse with you about parasite prevention, nutrition, exercise, and more.

Wellness Exams for New Pets

Marko Sima VMD performing a dog wellness examWhen you welcome a new pet into your home, it’s important that they be examined by our team right away, to ensure that they are off to a good start in their life with you! We perform complete wellness exams and diagnostics to ensure that your new pet is healthy. If health conditions are identified, the sooner they are found, the more effective their treatment can be. Spaying and neutering is also highly recommended for household pets, not only to prevent pregnancies and disease, but also to minimize unwanted behavior.

For new pets, we also recommend microchipping. While this may not be directly linked to pet health, having your pet microchipped can truly improve the quality of life you spend with your new best friend. Microchips have successfully reunited many separated pets and pet parents, making this form of identification the best there is on the market at this time. No dog or cat should be without it! Veterinarian holding a cat

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