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Dog and Cat Surgery in Shrewsbury, NJState-of-the-art surgical services are an important aspect of the complete veterinary care offered by Happy Tails Veterinary Hospital. We offer a range of dog and cat surgeries, from traditional spay, neuter and mass removals to abdominal surgeries and advanced orthopedic procedures such as knee surgery, cruciate ligament repair, and luxating patella.

Pet Surgical Tools Used at Happy Tails Veterinary Hospital

Before performing surgery on our patients, we recommend pre-surgical blood work to make sure that the pet is healthy enough for anesthesia. We utilize an IDEXX in-house lab to perform diagnostic testing right in our animal hospital, and we also work closely with diagnostic labs, if needed. We may utilize digital x-ray to diagnose conditions before surgery is performed.

We are equipped with a wide range of exceptional surgical tools to ensure that our patients are given top-of-the-line care at our animal hospital. During your pet’s surgery, we monitor all vital signs, enabling us to keep a close watch on your pet through EKG, respiratory rate, pulse rate, and blood pressure monitoring.

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Dog & Cat Post-Surgical Care

When our patients are in need of critical post-surgical monitoring, we are often able to keep pets overnight under the care of one of our staff. Rest assured that the majority of our patients are stable and ready to go home a few hours after their surgical procedure. Because each pet is an individual, we know that everyone’s surgical needs will be different and we work with each pet owner on a case-by-case basis.