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As a pet owner, it is so important to understand the connection between oral health and overall physical health in your pet. At Happy Tails Veterinary Hospital, we place a heavy emphasis on the importance of healthy gums and teeth. When a pet has an unclean mouth characterized by tartar buildup, infection, and gum disease, it will have a direct negative effect on their overall physical health. This is why dog and cat teeth cleaning is so important! Dog and cat teeth cleaning in Shrewsbury, NJ

What Does Professional Dog & Cat Teeth Cleaning Include?

When we perform annual checkups on our patients, part of the exam includes an assessment of the oral cavity. If we detect dental disease we will recommend a professional teeth cleaning to help keep your pet’s mouth and body healthy. Chronic gum disease is a stress on the body because it constantly spreads bacteria throughout the body, affecting all of the internal organs.

A professional dental cleaning is performed under general anesthesia to ensure your pet’s safety as well as to allow the thoroughness of their care. When your pet is peacefully sleeping through their dental procedure, we are able to examine each tooth individually, removing tartar buildup that sits below the gum line and in hard-to-reach places without causing stress and discomfort to your dog or cat. Each tooth is polished and a fluoride treatment is applied. If absolutely necessary, we do perform extractions of the teeth. We also use Clindoral—a typical antibiotic gel that is instilled under the gum line.

We are proud to offer affordable dental care at Happy Tails Veterinary Hospital, bringing dentistry within reach for all pets. This extremely important aspect of veterinary health should not be neglected! Dina Rovere VMD examining a cat's teeth

Ongoing Pet Dental Health

Providing ongoing dental health for your pet is so important to maintain your pet’s good oral health after their professional dental cleaning and beyond. After all, you brush your teeth twice daily at your dentist’s recommendation, right? What about your pet’s teeth? Our team can talk with you about our recommendations for dental maintenance for pets. Call 732-268-8176 today to talk with a member of our team about the best way to maintain your pet’s oral health for life!