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When you think about spay and neuter surgery on your companion dog or cat, a lot of questions may come to mind. You may be wondering if spaying or neutering your pet is the best thing for them or when it should be done. At Happy Tails Veterinary Hospital, we can answer all your questions about pet spay and neuter surgery and more. We’ll advise you on the benefits against the potential drawbacks and instruct you on how to care for your furry friend after the procedure.

Pet Spay and Neuter for Dogs and Cats in Shrewsbury, NJ

The Benefits of Pet Spay & Neuter

The chances of certain cancers are dramatically reduced or eliminated, when you get your pet spayed or neutered. When you get your female pet spayed, she is less likely to develop mammary gland tumors, which are malignant in 50% of dogs and 90% of cats. When you get your male pet neutered, his chances of developing testicular cancer becomes nonexistent.

Some other benefits of dog and cat spay and neuter include:

  • The chances of ovarian and uterine cancer are reduced in females.
  • The amount of unwanted litters is reduced in females.
  • The chances of prostate disease are reduced in males.
  • Urine spraying is decreased in males and females.
  • Roaming behavior is decreased in males and females.

Figuring Out the Best Time for Dog & Cat Spay & Neuter

Spaying and neutering your loyal companion gives them incomparable benefits they can’t get elsewhere. Unfortunately, spaying and neutering some breeds and types of pets too soon can open them up to potential issues. Certain dogs can be predisposed to cancer if they’re “fixed” before one year of age. We’ll talk about the level of care you’re prepared to give your pet and your comfort level with heat cycles to determine the best time for spay and neuter surgery. Every dog and cat spay and neuter surgery we perform at our clinic is done on a case-by-case basis. After all, as pet owners ourselves, we only have you and your pet’s best interest in mind. Please call us at 732-268-8180 with any questions about our pet spay and neuter services today or.