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When you walk into Happy Tails Veterinary Hospital with your family pet, you will be in good company. This is because our veterinarians near Middletown, NJ own pets, too, and love to provide them with many services that fit their needs. They also see and treat them as if they were their very own. We hope this will give you peace of mind when you and your furry friend come in for an appointment.

Along with giving them plenty of love, our veterinarians near Middletown, NJ, aim to be as flexible as possible with their treatment. This means they will have plenty of options available to them and not just stick to one plan or method.

Happy Tails Veterinary Hospital doesn’t just see dogs and cats on a regular basis. We also see some exotic pets, including birds, gerbils, ferrets, and much more. So, whether your family pet barks, meows, or flies, bring them in to our animal hospital, which is less than 20 minutes away.

Our Veterinary Services

Veterinarian Middletown, NJ

At Happy Tails Veterinary Hospital, our veterinarians near Middletown provide the following services for all pets:

  • Preventative medicine for pets of all ages, which includes physical exams, distributing cat and dog vaccinations, discussing parasite prevention, and more
  • Pet diagnostics in the form of an in-house lab for bloodwork, x-rays, ultrasounds, heartworm tests, and much more
  • Pet laser therapy, which is what we use to relieve or manage pain in pets with arthritis or other chronic conditions
  • Pet dentistry, where your pets will receive a full oral checkup including cat and dog teeth cleaning, as well as discussions about continuing good dental care at home
  • Surgical services, where we perform a variety of procedures that range from routine spays and neuters to complex orthopedic procedures, such as knee surgery
  • Pet hospice care and euthanasia for old and sick pets nearing the end of their lives
  • We provide many exclusive services to exotic pets, such as wing and beak trims for birds and some surgical services, too

If you want to bring your pet to Happy Tails Veterinary Hospital, contact us at 732-268-8180 for an appointment.